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10 Facts That Might Surprise You About Your Toddler

Learning seems to explode when your baby reaches the toddler stage. Here are some fun facts that might surprise you: A two year old child is generally more active than at any other point in their life which explains why it is so exhausting running around after them! While we may rely on word of […]

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DIY Penguin Game

Do your kids love KneeBouncers’ Frozen Numbrrrrrrrssss counting game? Bring their favorite game to life with this fun adaptation. It works not only on their counting, but fine motor skills, too.

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11 Facts That Might Surprise You About Your Baby

Here are 11 fun and amazing facts about babies: Babies are surprising little creatures that will never cease to amaze us. At KneeBouncers, we strive to understand how babies and toddlers – learn and play. But even after 10 years of studying their development, we still get surprised by the new things we learn in […]

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Play with Numbers Gross Motor Skills Game

Take KneeBouncers’ Up In The Air number game app to new heights with this gross motor skill number game, developed by Allison of Learn ~ Play ~ Imagine. All you need is a little chalk and a sidewalk! What makes this activity great? Motor abilities and play are related to learning processes. Getting your child moving […]

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Extend the Play: Dino Dig

Is your little palenotologist crazy for KneeBouncers’ Dinosaur Shape Match Game? Then try this DIY Dinosaur Shape Dig table top game. It’s a clever mash up of sensory play and shape identification — and helps extend the play!

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Swat it! Letter Learning Fun

Does your KneeBouncer love our letter learning games — especially Flowery? Then they’ll bounce for joy with this fun letter swatting game created by Jamie at Hands On As We Grow. A great way to strengthen letter identification skills and reinforce your preschooler’s knowledge. All while playing with purpose. See how Jamie and her kids […]

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Play with Colors: Color Wheel Fun + Scavenger Hunt

If your house is littered with crayons, markers, and colored pencils (oh my!), you just may have a preschooler around. Young kids LOVE playing with color, and learning colors is a first step toward early math and literacy skills. The more your child plays with colors, the easier it is for them to identify, match, […]

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Zip and Learn: Letter Learning Zipline Game

We’re big believers in playing with purpose. Having fun is the absolute best way to learn! If your kids love playing with our characters online, they’ll love them even more offline. Holly from Kids Activities Blog came up with this high-flying letter game that will have your kids zipping — and learning — away! Her […]

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Play with Colors: Felt Mosaic Art

We are thrilled to be joined today by Caroline Urdaneta, who writes the craft-tastic blog, Salsa Pie. Caroline came up with a colorful activity to do with your child and help hone their color recognition skills. Enjoy! My family loves KneeBouncers! It’s such a great place to find games that, along with activities at home […]

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Number Play: Penguin Counting Felt Board Inspired by Numbrrrrrsss….

No doubt about it. One of our most popular games is Numbrrrs…. there is just something about those little penguins diving off the iceberg that makes preschoolers squeal. As an added bonus, they can count along with the game, reinforcing early mathematical concepts and number recognition. Blogger Megan Sheakoski from Coffee Cups and Crayons created an […]

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