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Number Play: Math Printable Pack

Your preschooler loves playing our number games– so why not extend the play?   Download this fun preschool math worksheet pack created by KneeBouncers in partnership with Carisa from 1 + 1 + 1 = 1 and reinforce early mathematical concepts! Here’s what’s included in the pack: 1. A simple graphing activity based on Run Puppy, […]

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Encouraging Your Children to Be Kind

In celebration of World Kindness Day, we’re sharing a few tips for encouraging your children to be kind. Fostering empathy is key to healthy social and emotional growth — plus, it makes the world a much nicer place. Here are a few easy ways to promote kindness in your own home. For the little kids […]

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Play Sets a Foundation for Learning

With school starting, we thought it might be good to remind you of the #1 thing that sets a foundation for learning: PLAY.

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Play Develops Reading, Thinking, and Problem Solving Skills

Want to develop your kids’ reading, thinking and problem-solving skills? We’ve got a simple solution: PLAY.

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Practice Shape Identification with Ship Shape Game

Playing Ship Shape with your child will help them practice identifying shapes. Extend the play by going on a shape scavenger hunt in your own house! How many stars can they find? Squares? Circles? Chances are, they’ll find them in the strangest of places! It’s a fun game of I Spy and shape learning all […]

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Strategies to Reinforce Preschool Learning While Your Child Plays KneeBouncer Games

Do you homeschool your preschooler? Whether you’re tackling on the challenging of teaching your preschool-aged child full time or are integrating teachable moments at home and on-the-go (it’s the age of labeling everything, no?), games are a great way to reinforce preschool learning concepts! Rachel from Kids Activities Blog is homeschooling her two preschool-aged children. […]

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Extend the Play: Go on a Peek-A-Zoo Safari in Your Own Home

Do your kids love KneeBouncers’ Peek-a-Zoo? Extend the play! Make it a game they can play all around the house with these easy to make paper binoculars.

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Learn Shapes with Freddy Funny Face and Felt

Looking for a fun way to help reinforce concepts about shapes and introduce early math skills? Play our Freddy Funny Face game and then take the fun — and learning — to the kitchen table with this felt shape activity! Designed by Rachel from Kids Activities Blog, this activity will have your child giggling as […]

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Color Science Experiments for Preschoolers

Preschoolers love color! (Who doesn’t really?) Know what compliments playing our online preschool games like Colorific, Color Wheel and Dino Parade? Kitchen color science experiment fun – perfect for preschoolers! The activities below introduce basic science concepts including various steps within the scientific method. Plus water play. It’s a win-win for preschooler and parent. What […]

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Letter Learning: Play with Alphabet Balls

Looking for a fun and easy way to practice letter recognition skills? Create alphabet balls! This activity, designed by Chelsea Day of Some Day I’ll Learn, can adapt to your child’s abilities based on how you play. Use buckets to match letters (just like our Cupcake Catch game online) or practice letter recall skills by […]

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Keep playing! Keep learning!