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Rainbow of Fun: Coloriffic Activities for Tots

I’m always looking for fun and cheap inexpensive activities for my mornings home with the Bug. Although I work full time, I have a flexible work schedule — so I really try to make those morning “we” times more than cartoons and cheerios.

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Boost Self-Confidence Through Play

When children play, they build a better understanding of themselves, a more expansive knowledge of the physical world, and how to communicate. When they have a greater physical, social, cognitive and emotional well-being, their self-confidence increases. Need to boost your kid’s self-confidence? PLAY.

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What Makes Learning More Enjoyable?

What makes learning more enjoyable and fun? PLAY! How will you play today?

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STRETCH your child’s attention span…

Did you know that play stretches your child’s attention span? Who’d have thought it was so simple.

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brain development

We believe in purposeful play. That’s why our games are designed with your kneebouncer’s developing mind in — well, mind. Playfully, of course.

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KneeBouncers Play: Benefits of Playing with Your Child

We all know that unstructured play is important for our kids. But do you know why? Or how to foster it? Here’s a look at how activities like game play or throwing a dance party in your kitchen positively effect your child’s social, emotional and cognitive growth.

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Gratitude and Toddlers

As a mom who wants my toddler to be healthy and happy, I want to find ways to teach her about gratitude. But in the me-me-me phase of toddlerhood, it’s a daunting task.

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Tell Me a Story: Reading Tips for Parents & Caregivers

No doubt about it. Reading to your child and exposing them to a variety of books/print rich environments helps build a strong foundation for life-long learning. The US Department of Education has several simple strategies for creating strong readers. These strategies are evolve from book reading and mostly focus on reading comprehension:

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Friday Five: Fall Shape Art

We know your KneeBouncers have a great time with our online shape games for babies, toddlers and preschoolers — but in today’s Friday Five, we’re sharing ways to take the tech out of shape fun. Creating art with shapes is a great way to introduce early mathematical concepts to your child (hello, early geometry) while […]

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Childhood Is…

Childhood is tutus and hide ‘n sneak. (Lila, Age 2).

Each Monday, we’ll feature one photo that encapsulates childhood. Do you have an image to share? Want your child to be featured? Submit your photo to Heather at heather@kneebouncers.com.

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Keep playing! Keep learning!