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Friday Five: Techie Halloween Costumes

Halloween is fast approaching! Just in case you were still in need of some inspiration, today’s Friday Five is a round-up of fun tech-inspired handmade costumes. DIY Robot MakeDo has a great tutorial for creating a DIY cardboard robot! iPhone Costume See — there’s even an app for costumes! Love this  fun, toddler-friendly (and no-sew!) […]

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Friday Five: Dadpreneur Companies You Should Check Out!

You may or may not already know that KneeBouncers was founded by two dads who wanted to give their own children fun, age-appropriate online games {started as games for baby and toddlers and has now expanded to preschoolers!}. For this Friday Five, we thought we’d pay it forward and make you aware of some other […]

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Tips for Cleaning Your Tablet or Touchscreen Device

You know what’s great about tablet devices? How perfect they are for learning and little fingers. No need to worry about clicking and a mouse — your KneeBouncers‘ pointer finger can swipe that eBook from one page to the next. Or catch that cupcake if you’re playing our Cupcake Catch app.

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Halloween Mask-Querade

Is your preschooler a huge KneeBouncers fan? Now they can “dress up” as their favorite KB character with this fun activity and free mask printable! Our easy mask worksheet gives you two ways to create a mask: 1) just print our the template of your favorite character (or all 6!), cut, and attach a popsicle stick […]

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Babies and Facial Expressions

The ways in which you interact with your baby effects how he or she feels — and how he or she decides what is important. For example, babies learn what is important to pay attention to by following the eye gaze of adults. When you show facial emotions, your child is learning from you, too! So go head, make that silly (or sad) face.

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Must Have Apps for Road Tripping Families

Summer road trip season is upon us. Luckily for all you tech-savvy parents out there, your smart phone will give you a few tricks to hide up your virtual sleeve that makes road travel with toddlers just a wee bit easier. Here are eight apps I’m currently loving (and you will too!).

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five kindie bands you don’t want to miss

I can only listen to so many Raffi-like songs before I want to beat my head against the wall. You too? Glad I’m in good company. Luckily, there are GREAT kindie bands that will satisfy your need for good music and your kids’ need for pint-sized friendly lyrics. Check out some of our favorites:

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funtabulous bake sale idea round-up

I’ll admit, yesterday’s giveaway question was a wee bit influenced by the fact that I need to come up with some killer bake sale recipes for my daughter’s preschool festival next week. But, like always, KneeBouncer fans are FULL of ideas. Thanks for the suggestions! Here’s a round-up of some recipes based on fan suggestions and from some blogs we just adore.

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kidspiration: things to do with shaving cream

We’ve all seen that photo with the preschooler standing next to his father at the bathroom sink, learning to ‘shave.’ But grown-up let’s pretend isn’t the only thing you can do with the foamy stuff!

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Friday Five: Ideas for Happy Parents, Happy Kids

GET INFORMED: We are not at all comfortable that a child could inadvertently spend your money nor are we comfortable that they be subjected to advertising that is meaningless to them and potentially unsafe. Many people and companies have approached us with on-site and in-app advertising opportunities and we continue to decline. Why? It’s simple: […]

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