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kidspiration: paper towel rolls

If your house is anything like mine, you have scads of these:

Paper towel rolls.

Chances are your kiddo has grabbed one from time to time, let out an “Arrgghhh, Matey” and pretended to spot land. But if your more of a land lubber, you’ll love these fun kid-friendly crafts.

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Meet the KneeBouncers: Sly Cat, the Curious Cat

Sly Cat is a curious little guy. Sometimes his curiousness gets him into trouble (his mom found him inside the cookie jar yesterday!). He loves tuna fish sandwiches, blowing bubbles and zooming around in his play car. Sly is a really friendly little guy and is always making new friends. You’ll find him playing on the KneeBouncers website with Horatio, FooFoo, Sammy, Cesar and Freddy. His favorite thing to do on a rainy day? Paint like Picasso!

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Extend the Play: Zoo-Themed Picture Books

Last week, we shared a fun activity for extending our Peek-A-Zoo game with a creative do-it-yourself paper binoculars and at-home safari. Take that animal exploration right into story time with one of these zoo-themed picture books!

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kidspiration: cardboard box idea round-up

Nothing says childhood — or sparks more imagination — than a plain old cardboard box. {Remember Christmas? When you painstakingly wrapped the extra large bike box only to discover your mini-me was way more interested in the box itself? At least, temporarily…} So in celebration of Earth Day, we’ve pulled together some fabulous cardboard box play ideas from some of our favorite blogs.

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We’re looking for a few good teachers…

We’re looking for a fabulously wonderful preschool teacher who sprinkles technology into his or teaching in creative ways. Is it your child’s teacher? Fill out this form and tell us WHY that teacher is so amazing. You might just win that teacher a free KneeBouncers.com membership — and one for yourself!

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We’re Growing! And Playing with Purpose

If you’ve swung by KneeBouncers.com recently, you’ve probably noticed we’ve been a wee bit busy. It’s just that we know your itty bitty ones are growing up … so we’re growing up right along with them!

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Play + Technology = digiPLAYSPACE

“TIFF Kids offers children and youth the opportunity to learn about cultural perspectives from around the world through the power of the moving image.” Came across the fabulous Canadian organization on the net today and spent way more time than I should have delving into their Kids International Film Festival, which takes place next month. […]

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st. patty’s day treats and traditions

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Here’s a round-up of fun things to make and eat to celebrate the luck ‘o the Irish! Sweet Treat Ideas: Fun cookies ideas from Sweetopia; Lucky Charm Cupcakes found on Cutestfood; green fruit salad from Real Mom Kitchen; Shamrock Shakes from Brown Eyed Baker, and marshmallow pops from The Decorated Cookie.

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Kids Interpret Picasso

I heard about the “Con su permiso pintores!” exhibit at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Salta, Argentina, on a new-found blog favorite, Pirouette. Children were invited to reinterpret works of art by famous artists. Go check out the other exhibit images on Pirouette. {Oh, and bookmark their site while you’re there. You’ll love all […]

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All About Beads: 5 Fun Projects

Beading is one of those preschool skills that helps build your child’s fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Playing with beads also provides a play-based opportunity to identify patterns, colors or even shapes (depending on the beads you use). Here are a few fun preschool-age ideas I’ve come across in my search:

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