• 1 The games aren’t working. What’s wrong?

    To play our online games you need to have the latest Flash player installed. It’s free and can be downloaded from Adobe.com. In addition, ad-blocking software can block important files from loading so please set your ad-blocking software to allow KneeBouncers.com.

    For our mobile users, we have created apps for our games. You can find them by clicking here.

  • 2 I’d like to cancel my account, how do I do that?

    You can cancel right here at KneeBouncers.com. Just go to your account page – located here – and click cancel. It’s as easy as that.

  • 3 Is there any way to stop the windows key and other keys from working so my little one doesn’t cause the browser to close etc…?

    Though we can’t control what happens when the ‘Windows’ or ‘Apple’ key gets pressed, most people have options for minimizing other unwanted key presses. If you are using Internet Explorer you will definitely see a lot of short-cut windows pop up. Google Chrome and FireFox do not have the same issues. If possible, try using either Google Chrome or Firefox. If you are on a Mac, you can edit you preferences to minimize the amount of unwanted key presses you get as well.

  • 4 Does KneeBouncers support “Switch” games?

    The majority of KneeBouncers games are designed to be played without requiring a mouse. This means that tapping any key on the keyboard makes the game respond. Because of this, switches work very well with our games. When playing KneeBouncers games, set your switch to “space bar”.

  • 5 I am being logged off too fast. What can I do?

    First, make sure to select the ‘Remember me’ option on our login page. Note, for this feature to work, cookies must be enabled in your web browser. Second, make sure your are using the latest version of Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Chrome. Third, try clearing your browser’s cache and cookies. Fourth, some extensions, plugins, or browser add-ons can interfere. If it’s this, try using a different browser.

  • 6 What does “Age-Appropriate” mean?

    “Age-Appropriate” means that the content suits the age of the person experiencing it. So often game content for babies, toddlers, and preschoolers is too advanced. When this is the case, it can create a frustration and children associate ‘learning’ with unhappiness. Age-Appropriate games help foster a life-long love of learning.

  • 7 I have a question that’s not included here. What should I do?

    We want your experience to be as enjoyable as possible. Don’t hesitate to contact us here. Typically we respond the same day, if not within hours.