2012 new years resolutions: our fans weigh in

It’s that time of year again. Time to reflect on the last twelve months and think about the next twelve.

Seems like everyone out there wants you to provide you with resources to help make your 2012 goals come true. The US Government has a page dedicated to new years resolutions. CBS published ten investment resolutions to make. There’s a midnight run in New York City to help people get off on a healthy foot in 2012. The Wall Street Journal suggests outsourcing your New Years Resolutions in order to make them stick. PyschCentral recently posted tips for setting authentic goals for yourself.

Yesterday, I asked KneeBouncers Facebook Fans to share their  New Years resolutions. I’ll admit, I was prepared for an onslaught of various “get healthy” decrees. Surprisingly, resolutions were more introspective or family-focused:

  • Play with my kids more.
  • Have more patience.
  • Carve out more family time.
  • Make good choices.
  • Save more money for family vacations.
  • Stop procrastinating.
  • Don’t stress about housework.
  • Let go of negativity inside my head.
  • Have more family game nights.
  • Create a meal plan instead of clamoring to figure out dinner every night.
  • Live in the present.
  • Make more ‘mom and dad’ time.

A few fans mentioned that they want to launch a new business (or rekindle an old one) and one fan wants to start an outreach center. Yes, there were a few “I will exercise” or “eat healthier” ideas thrown in there.

These are pretty great resolutions don’t you think? Ones that, if we’re honest, we could all benefit from sprinkling into our lives.  There are 12 different resolutions outlined above. We’re going to take one of them on each week for the next twelve weeks here on KneeBlogger. We’ll seek out experts and find tips to help all of us achieve them, and we’ll share our findings right here on the blog.

Cheers to having a more present, family-centric, play-filled 2012.

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