All About Beads: 5 Fun Projects

Weather is calling for all-around blech this weekend in our corner of the world, so I’ve started to look for some fun {and different} indoor activities.

Beading is one of those preschool activities that helps build your child’s fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Working with beads also provides a play-based opportunity to identify patterns, colors or even shapes (depending on the beads you use).

Here are a few fun preschool-age ideas I’ve come across in my search:

Water Beads
Really tactile and tons of fun. I love the ideas of using them with a light table and trying to pick them up with colored sticks. What are they exactly? Tiny water-retaining polymers, just like contact lenses. You can find them among the floral products in your favorite craft store. Be choosy since some brands can stain (and you definitely want the color ones!). I found this idea on the Art & Soul Preschool Blog.

Bead Math
Chances are, if your little one loves KneeBouncers games (especially our newest Penguin one), they are really interested in counting right now. This simple and colorful activity from Quirky Momma helps reinforce counting and number recognition with beads and pipe cleaners.

Sewing Hearts
What a fun activity to follow-up Valentine’s Day! And chances are that you still have some leftover pink and red beads/glitter/ribbon still lying around the house from your Valentine making. Found this gem of an idea over on the Pre-School Play blog.

Bead Wall Art
My daughter is all about finding the letter L lately (since her name starts with that letter). Although this idea is a ‘found object’ art project, I like the idea of exclusively using beads and letting her go to town with placing them all over a wooden letter. What a great find from The Crafty Crow.

Bead Shaker Bottle
Colorful noise (in more ways than one). This activity gets kids dancing. Be sure to put on some good tunes with this one! A great project from Scrumdilly-do!

How are you and your itty bitty one getting your bead on lately?

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