Five Family Tech Blogs You Should Read

These five family-tech-centric blogs are ‘must reads’ on my google reader every day. Here’s why:

The iPhone Mom: Heather Leister is the iPhone Mom. We love her blog because she has  “no technical background” — so her reviews are grounded in practicality and mom reality. She believes that some of the best iPhone apps are hiding in the iTunes store and is on a mission to find the best ones out there. One of my fav recent posts: 2 Do by Day. For all of us who are just a bit Type A.

Geek Dad: Don’t worry. It’s a heckuva lot cooler than the name might imply. Geek Dad the parenting blog of Wired Magazine, and hosts content from a variety of contributors. Not only are these guys on the bleeding edge of the tech landscape, they cover the latest movies, games for kids, and newly released techy products. Be sure to check out their 5 reasons why new parents should buy a tablet NOW post.

Geek Mom: I would be totally remiss to leave out Geek Dad’s companion site, Geek Mom. It’s the softer side of geeky, from this mom’s perspective. Kind of like the Sears version. Apps mixed with classical music. Love the title of a recent post about Maestro Series: Classical Music Too Hard to Handel? Yeah. Quips like that make this a consistent enjoyable — and informative read.

The Online Mom: Not only is this blog a fantastic means of keeping tabs on tech news and related research, it’s a comprehensive resource for all parents (those who are tech savvy and those who need a primer or two). Easy to read, informative and chock full of great advice. Personally, I love the journalistic writing. Check out 11 Ways Your Kids Learn Using Technology.

Cool Mom Tech: I could write why I love Cool Mom Tech. But their ‘about us’ description says it all: Cool Mom Tech is the intersection of tech and style, of parenting, practicality and fabulosity, brought to you by the same moms behind the influential shopping and design site, Cool Mom Picks. Plus a few more who really know their tech stuff.

What tech blogs are on your ‘must read’ list?

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