Fisher Price Launches New iPhone Apptivity Case for Babies

Does your baby gnaw on your iPhone from time to time? Fisher Price has an — err, more than an app for that.

The toy megadeveloper has just released their new Laugh & Learn Apptivity Case — designed to protect your iPhone or iPod touch from dribbles, drool, and unwanted call-making, all while helping babies practice eye-hand coordination and improve motor skills.

Blogger Meredith Carroll lamented the fact that they didn’t simply release a toy that looks like the iPhone, rather than one that puts her $200+ device into the hands of a baby or toddler on

Just because my iPhone has games does not make it a toy. Touching a fingertip on the screen is one thing; allowing an accident-prone baby or toddler to rattle and shake a $200+ device is quite another.

Carroll has a point. No one wants to see their iPhone sail across the room, and a chunky case that lights up and rattles seems to invite destruction. But Fisher Price says that their case is the ‘ultimate in iPhone baby protection’ and stops phones being damaged by dribbles, grubby fingers and being dropped,’ according to TruthDrive.

KneeBouncers’ games and apps are specifically designed to be interactive for the itty bitty ones in your life, so we’re intrigued by any product that helps make KneeBouncer’s interactive apps more accessible to families. That said, we’re really curious to hear what you think.

Would a product like Fisher Price’s Apptivity Case make you more likely to hand over your smart phone to baby?

Image Credit: Fisher Price

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