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French Fries for Breakfast (And the Lighter Side of Parenting)

This morning, much like every morning in my house, I asked my 21-month-old what she’d like to have for breakfast.

Her response? “Fries.”

Needless to say, we bartered a little. Ended up with a whole wheat muffin, berries and yogurt.

Ever wonder why we don’t have fries for breakfast? Toddler logic is one more antic in this crazy world called parenting. One of those things that makes you go ‘huh’ — and then you can’t help but laugh. Then comes the ‘well, why not?’

Which is exactly what happened when Jim and Kurt (those two dads on a mission behind KneeBouncers) asked me to be the social media mom for KneeBouncers. My reaction: Huh? {{Laugh}}. Why not?

Ok, there was a touch of excitement there, too!

A little bit about me: I’m an educational-technologist-by-day, social-media-mom-by night. As you can imagine, those worlds are increasingly intersecting. In addition to being a dive-in-and-get-your-hands-messy kind of mom, I am a wife, dog wrangler, self proclaimed foodie with just a touch of granola (yes, I do buy organic fruit snacks), culture lover on a futile crusade to organize the toys crowding my family room.

My toddler parenting philosophy? Play. Explore. Make mistakes. Learn. Repeat.

That philosophy is what drew me to KneeBouncers in the first place. Their playful learning — anytime, anywhere mantra resonates with me. More importantly, it resonates with my toddler. Jim and Kurt are on a trek to develop the best play-based learning the web can bring into your home, smart phone or iPad.  They’ve got a ton of  fabulous new games and activities in the works. I can’t wait to share them!

And so my KneeBlogging journey begins. I hope you’ll join me (and the cast of characters that comes along with me, including but not limited to: my husband, two yappy dogs and an adorable, toddling’ Bug) for a daily dose of the lighter side of parenting. While I can’t promise a side splitting laugh every visit, I can promise a lot of fun toddler/pre-schooler rearing-ideas with a bit of bounce.

If you’re stopping by, please say hi! Share. It’s more fun if we jump together.

PS: Have a great blog post idea or resource to share? Or just want to chat? Fantastic! You can email me at, catch me on the KneeBouncers Facebook Page, or tweet me at @kneebouncers. You’ll find Jim and Kurt on the Facebook page, too!