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Friday Five: Dadpreneur Companies You Should Check Out!

You may or may not already know that KneeBouncers was founded by two dads who wanted to give their own children fun, age-appropriate online games {started as games for baby and toddlers and has now expanded to preschoolers!}. For this Friday Five, we thought we’d pay it forward and make you aware of some other dadpreneurs with kid-friendly companies!

Charm City Babies

Charm City Babies
Richie Frieman and Scott Smith are the dads behind Charm City Babies, a modern onesie and t-shirt line for babies and toddlers that gives back. For every onesie or t-shirt sold, another is given to a child in need.

Jeff Bogle

Out with the Kids
Jeff Bogle is the dad behind Out with the Kids, a blog all about kids’ music, books, toys and {kiddie pop} culture. Way more than a daddy blog. Chock full of great information and we really love Jeff’s free  monthly kid music podcast.

diaper dude

Diaper Dude
New arrival in your family? Then chances are you’re in the market for a diaper bag. Well, dad Chris Pegula wasn’t thrilled with the feminine qualities of the diaper bags on the market and so he founded Diaper Dude, a line of diaper bags with a decidedly masculine flavor.

Ella's Kitchen

Ella’s Kitchen
You’ve probably seen the Ella’s kitchen line of baby and toddler all natural 100% organic food, but did you know they were created by a Dad? Ella’s dad Paul Lindley to be exact. We really like that Ella’s Kitchen is not only interested in making a great product, but also being environmentally sustainable AND give back to local communities.

Turly Tag
Think of Turly Tag like a high-tech lost and found. Founder (and Dad!) Seth Price developed this system after thinking about all of the things kids lose everyday. Users get a system of tags and stickers that they can put on their items that come with an ID number.  The finder contacts TurlyTag, and the company then contacts you and arranges return of your possessions. Perfect solution for that iPad your preschooler may be toting around!

What other dad-developed companies do you love?