Friday Snack Attack: Rainbow Stained Glass Jello

Can you tell we’re on a rainbow kick in KneeBouncerville this week? Check out this funtabulous Stained Glass Jello from The Food Librarian. It’s this week’s Snack Attack pick!

I made stained glass jello last weekend for my 2-year-old’s birthday party. Note that while there is nothing tough about this recipe, it does take a little planning and a whole lotta time. Stretch the jello-sensory experience even further by cutting the jello into fun shapes!

You can find the whole Stained Glass Jello tutorial over on The Food Librarian. Might want to follow-up the jello snack time with KneeBouncer’s It’s Colorific Game. It will help reinforce all of those colors your kiddo is identifying in their snack!

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