How to Disable the iPad Home Button


It happens to every toddler playing on the iPad. One minute everything is fine, the child is happily playing their favorite game (we will assume it’s KneeBouncers’ Great Play with Purpose app), and the next, they have navigated to the home page and are not at all happy about it.

Now you can disable the iPad Home button and keep your child safely on their favorite app or video, no matter where your little one may tap. Just follow these steps and you’ll be in control.

  • Go to Settings
  • Then to General
  • Scroll down to Accessibility
  • Click Guided Access under Learning, switch to On.
  • You can set your passcode here, or you can wait.
  • Go to whichever video or App that you want to control.
  • Triple Click the Home button in that video or App.
  • You can designate an area of the screen that you do not want to be touched by circling that area.
  • The Home bottom and Sleep buttons will be disabled by default.
  • Just triple click the Home button again to exit the Guided Access.

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