Inspire Play with Blabla Dolls (Plus Special Offer)

If your house looks like mine, there are dolls and stuffed animals hiding in every nook and crevice. Some get more ‘play time’ than others. All are adored.

Ever wondered what the fascination was? Or why so many early childhood educators encourage doll play?

Not only can playing with dolls (or stuffed animals) develop a toddler’s fine and gross motor skills (think dressing dolls and pushing them around in pint-sized carriages), it can help develop language and social skills. How? Dolls encourage role playing. By assuming roles and interacting with people around them, toddlers begin to develop language and social skills such as sharing and helping.

Play is a wonderful thing. But it’s even more beautiful when it intersects with amazing design. Enter Blabla Kids. And their recently released Barnyard Collection (part of their classic Blablas line). The Barnyard collection includes Ulisse the blue horse, his sister Electra, Albert the donkey, and Claire and Georgia — two cute cows.

The genius of the Blabla doll collection is simplicity: it’s simply series of soft, hand-crocheted doll made from all natural fibers. A collection of toys that grow with your child. What begins as a cuddly, sensory object for your baby grows into a ‘buddy’ or role-playing inspiration for your preschooler.

Don’t let simplicity fool you. There’s a whole lotta design going on for each piece of this whimsical collection. From color choice to clothing, Blabla dolls will stimulate your child’s imagination and senses.

We received a Mini Albert the Donkey for the Bug to road-test. She immediately turned her bedroom into a ‘barn’ and found other animals for Albert to ‘meet.’ An immediate hit.

Guess what? We get to share the doll love. Blabla Kids is offering all KneeBouncer fans 15% off their purchase, now through October 14th. Just use code kb15 at checkout. Great excuse to get a head start on your holiday shopping.

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