It’s a Book… and It’s a Little Book

If your toddler is like mine, they slide their finger along the bottom of your photo frames in a futile attempt to ‘see’ the next photo. Everything deck of cards is a cell phone they pick up and into which they holler “helloooooo!” They climb on the desk, thinking your computer monitor is a touch screen.

In other words, they’re wired.

So IF your pint sizer is techy (and whose isn’t?), you’ll love It’s a Book by Lane Smith — and this fabulous little animation about the book. It’s a bit reminiscent of the “What’s a record?” conversation you may have had with your parents…

From the author’s blog:

Unlike Grandpa (me), today’s kids are whip smart and tech savvy. I know eventually everything will be digital and kids won’t even know from a regular old book book and that’s fine. Truthfully? The reason I made the book? Certainly not to “throw down the gauntlet” as one critic has stated. Naw, I just thought digital vs. traditional made for a funny premise. No heavy message, I’m only in it for the laffs.

Can you just imagine your tike thinking, “Parents these days? No charging necessary? Geez.”

And as reported by USA Today’s Pop Candy, this tongue-in-cheek picture book about reading in the digital age has “the best last line ever written in the history of children’s literature.” The last line has also been characterized as devilish, insouciant and inappropriate by some… Publisher’s Weekly told critics to um, lighten up. But you may want to change the ending if you read it to your toddler or any young child because — honestly — they probably won’t get the joke anyway. You, however, will get it. And you will laugh. It’s clever.

For those who still think books are for chewing on (you may have one of those at home too!), you may want to check out Smith’s newest book: It’s a Little Book.

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