It’s Here! KneeBouncers Big Little Games Vol. 1 for iPhone!

I don’t usually get this excited over an app release… but with a 6 hour plane trip on the horizon this week with my just-turned-two-year-old, I’m THRILLED that KneeBouncers released their Big Little Games Vol. 1 for iOS last Friday! That means my itty bitty gal can play her favorite Alphabet and It’s Colorific games anywhere we are, no wi fi required. I can download them directly on to my iPhone or her iPad and they go where we go.

It’s my possible-delayed-aircraft-meltdown-offense AND my pre-trip snack shopping entertainment. Because let’s face it, there is no punishment worse than taking a toddler grocery store shopping without a few attention-grabbers stowed in the diaper bag.

The app is actually five of the KneeBouncing crowds’ favorite games in one easy-to-use interface: The Alphabet Game, It’s Colorific, Choo Choo, Pop-A-Lot and The Big Top. {{Don’t see your tot’s fav game listed? Don’t worry! ALL of the KneeBouncer games will be released in subsequent volumes}}.

Did I mention it’s just $1.99? Less than my morning Starbucks addiction treat.

What I love most about the games is that they are a fun, non-drill sergeant or flash-card crazy means of learning. I was shocked when my daughter looked up at the word “DREAM” above her crib two weeks ago, pointed to the letter “E” and said “E.” Entirely on her own. Anyone who has a toddler knows that there is explosive language growth around age two. Because KneeBouncers encourages letter recognition through play in The Alphabet Game, your child will be encouraged to cognitively connect letter shapes and the corresponding letter name. Much more fun than flash cards. Honestly, in this ed tech literacy specialist mom’s opinion, much more age appropriate.

{{NOTE: This is not an endorsement or claim that by playing KneeBouncers your baby will read. This does suggest that they will be encouraged to recognize letter structures and name the letters. Make a connection between a symbol and a name — just like when they look at a dog and say the word “dog.”}}

Games like It’s Colorific encourage color recognition. Choo-Choo, The Big Top and Pop-A-Lot will introduce your child to modes of transportation, the circus and — well, the mesmerizing world of bubbles. All through tech-supported engaging play and hand-eye coordination skill building.

Learning is really a secondary goal for Jim Robinson and Kurt Dommermuth, co-founders of KneeBouncers. The first goal? Just plain fun.

“Our priority is to create joy for the babies, toddlers and preschoolers who play our games,” said Kurt. “And our success in that is obvious.  The pleasant surprise is that advanced learning is an easy and natural outcome of children’s quest for fun.”

Fun, learning AND on-the-go convenience? This mom is definitely game.

KneeBouncers Big Little Games Vol. 1 is newly available for iPhone and iPod Touch, or purchase the volume optimized for iPad! It was previously released (and definitely still available!) for Blackberry Playbook and Android. Check out a video of KneeBouncer’s co-founder Kurt Dommermuth demonstrating Vol. 1 on a Samsung Tablet, too!

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