– Playing It Safe!

A couple of years ago my four year old son was playing on and suddenly he was on another site where they offered to give him a free credit report. Thankfully, I was right there and that is all it was. This was simply unacceptable. (His credit was surprisingly good, if you are wondering).

At we have always believed we should provide the safest environment for our young audience, and for the past eight years we have done exactly that. We are parents first. And, like you, we simply want our kids to be safe.

We have kept the play environment advertising free – eliminating that sudden, unintentional jump to another product or service.

As KneeBouncers is growing and we are offering more games to play on mobile devices, we have been adding links on the game’s title page for our apps. Letting you know that the game is available for your mobile device – so your little one can play their favorite games anywhere. And let’s face it – because I have five kids to put through college.

But instead of linking directly to the iTunes AppStore or the Android Marketplace we have initiated our “playing it safe!” feature. You will be asked to type “go” into the box and hit the pink arrow button. This ensures that an adult has made the decision to leave the safety of the KneeBouncers play area.

If “go” is not typed in and there is another click made your little one will return to the safe KneeBouncers playing environment.

“Playing it safe!” is our way of letting you know that we care. You have trusted to provide your little one with their first online experience and we promise to give them a whole lotta fun and learning in the safest playing area on the internet.

Playing It Safe – Tip #1:

Using Safari, Google Chrome or Firefox will reduce the number of unwanted pop-up windows that occur when little fingers are playing on the keyboard. Internet Explorer uses more keyboard short-cuts that can not be overwritten making the safe play experience more difficult.

Look for more “Playing It Safe!” tips in upcoming postings – until then
Keep on KneeBouncin’!

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  1. This is one reason I love your site! I already use adblock and noscript to keep my kids from getting into things when I turn my back (I don’t always lock windows when I run to the bathroom!) but I know I can trust your site–at least until my kids learn to type “go”.

    I took it a bit further by setting Kneebouncers to run as a desktop app with Prism so there’s no navigation for my kids to hit. 🙂

    1. Thank you so much for writing. Prism sounds great! Any downsides to it? I think I’m going to suggest this to our users. Thanks again!

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