KneeBouncers Play: Thanks for Playing with Us! Bounce, Play, and Learn - FREE APPThanks to everyone who has played with us as part of our Bounce, Play, Learn! – Promoting the Importance of Play! kick-off this week! We’ve had a great time!

Thousands of you have downloaded our Big Little Games Volume 1 app and we’d love to hear what you think. Share your thoughts on iTunes, our facebook page, or even this blog post.

Today is the LAST DAY to download Big Little Games Volume 1 app for FREE. After 5:00 PM EDT today, the app will return to it’s normal purchase price of $1.99.

Although our app giveaway ends today, our commitment to promoting the importance of play does not. You’ll continue to see play-related articles on KneeBlogger, our Facebook Page and Twitter as we continue to advocate for play-based learning.

Keep on Bouncing!

PS – If your kids loved Big Little Games Volume 1, they’ll flip for Big Little Games Volume 2. Now available on Android and iOS.

A Special Message for Parents and Teachers

With COVID-19 forcing closures throughout the world, we are making a safe and ad-free environment until further notice. And we have reduced our membership fee to $25 annually, if you wish to continue to play in an ad-free environment. Stay healthy and be safe!