We’re Growing! And Playing with Purpose

If you’ve swung by recently, you’ve probably noticed we’ve been a wee bit busy. It’s just that we know your itty bitty ones are growing up … so we’re growing up right along with them! And playing with purpose.

Our new site features games that are age appropriate and specifically designed with preschoolers in mind. Here are a few features we’re really excited about:

We had expert input: Our new games were developed with help of preschool and kindergarten teachers.

Pre-School play…. with purpose. As we mentioned before, we know your baby and toddler kneebouncers  are growing up and starting to learn their letter sounds and are counting to 20. Our new site offers games that are still playful — but purposeful and designed with the growing preschooler in mind. Everything from the concepts the new games teach to the way the new games’ construction are age appropriate for kids 3 to 5.

We brought in the mouse! Many of you have told us that you love KneeBouncers because our games don’t require a mouse. We haven’t — and still don’t — believe that games that require a mouse are age appropriate for babies and toddlers. But preschoolers? You bet. Our new preschool games involve simple mouse movements that will help acquaint your child with the tool and further develop early computer literacy skills. Again, playfully.

Lots of new coloring sheets. Take the KneeBouncing action offline with a bevy of new coloring sheets!

Playful repetition. The new games are designed so your child can concentrate on learning one number or letter. Use these games as a launch pad for talking to your child about sequencing.

Hello, phonics! We’re introducing new letter games that build on letter recognition to include letter sounds (phonics). It’s the next step on your little one’s path to reading.

More games are coming… Stay tuned for new games! Shapes and colors games coming in May.

But all of the old games are still there. Don’t worry! Your old favorite games are still available. We’re know just a whole lotta fun for babies, toddlers AND preschoolers.

A Special Message for Parents and Teachers

With COVID-19 forcing closures throughout the world, we are making a safe and ad-free environment until further notice. And we have reduced our membership fee to $25 annually, if you wish to continue to play in an ad-free environment. Stay healthy and be safe!