Meet the KneeBouncers: Sly Cat, the Curious Cat

Sly Cat is a curious little guy. Sometimes his curiousness gets him into trouble (his mom found him inside the cookie jar yesterday!). He loves tuna fish sandwiches, blowing bubbles and zooming around in his play car. Sly is a really friendly little guy and is always making new friends. You’ll find him playing on the KneeBouncers website with Horatio, FooFoo, Sammy, Cesar and Freddy. His favorite thing to do on a rainy day? Paint like Picasso!

Get painting with Sly Cat! KneeBouncers_SlyCat Download this free coloring sheet We’d love to see your work — so snap a photo and upload it to our facebook page.

PS: Members have access to a large coloring sheets collection featuring all their favorite KneeBouncers on our site!

A Special Message for Parents and Teachers

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