Parent Review: Who Says Moo?

Clare Bever from Baltimore, Maryland won a free Who Says Moo? iPad app through a giveaway on (cool) progeny. We asked for her feedback on the app and here’s what she said!

I love it, and think it’s adorable. My son is only a year old, and probably not the target audience, but he does enjoy it. I’m sure he’ll get more out of it as he gets older.

We have only used it in “read to me” mode. He clearly recognizes and comprehends the repetition of the dialogue every time a new animal comes on the screen. He also has figured out that touching the blank space is what makes the words come, and by touching the animals he can change their accessories and appearance. He pretty methodically goes for the words first, and then manipulates the animals, and then moves on to the next one.

The recording tool is great.  He giggles when my voice comes on, every time. He also laughs when I ask him, “who says moo?” if we are playing with his animal toys.

He also very much enjoys hitting the different animals and listening to their sounds.  I’m not sure what makes him go for one animal over the other, but he really likes the turkey’s “gobble gobble” noise.

As a parent, I really enjoy watching him use this app. I think it strikes a good balance for him in terms of having advanced features and functionality, but it is still navigable for him in light of his primitive iPad skills.  Other favorites of his are the “Baby” app (he just scrolls through the animals and their sounds) and “Hello Zoo” (touches of the screen result in animals popping up, and sliding across the screen results in a background change). I think the “Who Says Moo?” app is far superior in that it reinforces repetition, has , and he has already figured out that there are different results based on where one hits the screen. It’s great that it has the “read to me” and “read along” modes, as I think the latter will really help with reading comprehension in the future. For now, I think it’s great for him to see and hear the cause and effect of the different screen touches.

Thanks again for the prize-we’re really enjoying it.

Thanks, Clare, for sharing! Did you know Who Says Moo? is now available as an online game for KneeBouncer members? We also are featuring five free online games for non-members — and the free ones change every week so you’ll be able to try them all! (Thanks to our fans for suggesting this new website feature!)

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