Announces 10 Healthiest Cities for Families recently evaluated 150 different cities in the United States to determine which cities were healthiest for families. Examining 40 criteria to see which ones are making family well-being a top priority (i.e. schools that have frequent gym classes, kid doctors and specialists galore, businesses that don’t pollute, parks in every neighborhood, etc.).

Here are the top 10 (and part of reasoning for the ranking):

1. San Francisco, CA: The City by the Bay rose to the top of their list in part because of its gutsy moves to bring healthier foods to schools.

2. Boston, MA: The city has more than 400 kids’ docs, a state-of-the-art children’s hospital, and one of the largest pediatric research facilities in the U.S.

3. Honolulu, HI: Honolulu has the least ozone pollution of any U.S. city, according to a recent report from the American Lung Association. Plus, the city offers 225 playgrounds and 22 swimming pools.

4. Seattle, WA: Kids aren’t as likely to get hurt in this safety-minded town. Seattle has one of the lowest death rates from childhood injuries in the U.S.

5. Providence, RI: This small, tight-knit community thinks big. Providence has as many playgrounds and ball fields as cities two to three times its size, plus its own top-notch children’s hospital.

6. Des Moines, IA:  Free yoga classes at some public parks, daily recess for all elementary-school students, 40 miles of fitness trails, and enclosed downtown skywalks. Also happens to be the hometown of

7. San Diego, CA: According to, Your kid is more likely to eat his fruits and veggies here. Every public elementary school has a salad bar and is aiming for 25 percent or more of produce to come from local growers.

8. Denver, CO: The most active city on their  list — nearly 85 percent of the city’s residents exercise and more than half get at least the recommended amount per week.

9. Portland, OR: Consider it bike central. Many families use bikes more than cars. Portland sponsors low-cost summer and after-school bike camps for kids as young as 6, to help children learn the basics.

10. Lincoln, NE: It’s gone green. Through its “Cleaner Greener” program, Lincoln installed 13 hybrid buses, maintained 130,000 neighborhood trees, and is close to having a park within a half mile of every house in the city.

Read the full article and see how all 150 cities ranked here. How’d your city fare? What, in your mind, makes a healthy community?

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