Play with letters! easy activities to build letter recognition skills

KneeBouncers Play with Letters!Is your child preschool ready? We can help! KneeBouncers’ alphabet games are a fun way to introduce letters and hone your little one’s letter recognition skills. They’re all included in our new handy-take-it-anywhere-you-go Play with Purpose iPad app!

Over the next two weeks we’ll be sharing fun ideas for playing with letters from some of our favorite bloggers and educators.  Be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest for great ways to help your mini-me boost their letter skills. We’ll be using the hashtag #KneeBouncersPlay.

In the meantime, play with purpose using our app and online letter learning games — and continue building their skills offline with these entertaining, easy-to-do activities at home!

Go on a Letter Scavenger Hunt
Letter Recognition is one of the first steps to reading. Start by introducing your child to the letters in their own name. While your out and about, scour road signs, containers and more for those letters. Gradually add more letters. Great car ride or grocery store keep-them-busy activity.

DIY Alphabet Book
Have a child who loves flipping through magazines or books? Cut 13 pieces of regular paper in half. On each half sheet of paper, write one letter. Then through magazines and catalogs and cut out pictures of things that begin with each letter and glue them down. Staple them together and you have your own Alphabet Book!

Make Letter Macaroni Art
Often times, understanding how a letter “feels” will help build a child’s letter recognition skills. On a piece of construction paper, create the outline of a letter. Have your child fill in the letter with macaroni noodles and then trace the letter with their finger. You can use any textured item to fill in the letter (sandpaper works really well, too!)

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