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Rainbow of Fun: Coloriffic Activities for Tots

I’m always looking for fun and cheap inexpensive activities for my mornings home with the Bug. Although I work full time, I have a flexible work schedule — so I really try to make those morning “we” times more than cartoons and cheerios.

Right now, the Bug is constantly pointing out colors to me. We play a lot of “I Spy” in the car, so I suspect my “I spy an orange sign” comments are spilling over into daily conversation.

With rainbow in mind, here are a few fun ways to inject some color into your ‘we’ times or next playdate!

Rainbow Rice Garden

Easier to clean up than sand, I LOVE this rainbow rice garden idea from Share and Remember. Perfect for outdoor summer activities or indoor rainy day fun. Full on sensory exploration! {{Might even spill over to rainbow rice cooking?}}

Rainbow Xylophone

Um, how easy (and adorable!) is this rainbow xylophone idea from Meet the Dubiens? Whip this activity out of your back pocket next time the kiddos are having a pre-dinner melt down. They’ll be entertained and in the kitchen with you, and you’ll have some *ahhh* while throwing the chicken in to bake.

Found Object Color Wheel

Scavenger hunt meets art in this found object color wheel project found on Preschool Daze. Have your tyke find objects of different colors and place them on a cardboard color wheel. This activity might be best attempted while smocked.

How are you bringing the color into your kid’s life?


Keep playing! Keep learning!