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Smart Parents and Sneaky Veggies

My French Fries for Breakfast post sparked an interesting discussion on the KneeBouncer Facebook Page this week… How do we get veggies into our picky toddler eaters?

In a perfect world, we’d be able to put down a plate of carrots, broccoli, grilled chicken with tomato salsa, steamed brown rice  and homemade applesauce in front of our toddler, who would subsequently ooh and ahh. Then, in this perfect world, they would actually eat some of every item on the place.

That doesn’t happen at your house either, huh?

KneeBouncers fan Alexandra in Saskatoon, Canada has taken on the veggie crusade in her home. Her adorable kids Declan (2) and Isiss (1) — and her husband — aren’t huge veggie fans. So she’s adopted the same strategy many of us have…

She hides them.

Blends whatever veggies she has right into the tomato sauce on their pasta, or their afternoon smoothie mix. {{Side note: she puts yogurt cups into the freezer and blends the frozen yogurt with veggies and fruit for a super simple smoothie. Personally, I think this is genius. Helps with portioning, too!}}

The ‘hide the veggies’ tactic as ages-old mom wisdom that found its way into mainstream media by Jessica Seinfield’s Deceptively Delicious cookbook and Missy Lapine at The Sneaky Chef. Here are some super simple thoughts for helping your household veggies go incognito to your child’s high chair:

You’ll notice that The Sneaky Chef recipes ask for ‘make ahead’ purees. Originally, this turned me off from considering the recipes. But – – much like the little light bulb flicks on in a cartoon – – it occurred to me that a little planning might actually make my life a whole lot easier. We used to make the Bug’s baby food, so it would just a matter of getting back into that routine.

What are your tips for getting veggies into your tot? Would love some new recipes or strategies to try!