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Technology + Toddlers: Under 3 and Guilt Free?


Yes, says a recently released study focused on how toddlers use technology. Now, finally, parents who share their love for the latest technology with their young children can shake off any guilt and continue to play and learn. Naturally, no one is going to suggest that babies and toddlers spend entire days playing Angry Birds. However quality screen time (like the games and activities we provide at KneeBouncers) for the very young can be an additional tool for learning.

At KneeBouncers, this debate has been part of our internal discussion for years and we’ve been surprised at how slowly some larger institutions have been to recognize the benefits of ‘screen’ interaction. It’s been obvious to us, and probably to you as well, that today’s little ones are part of a different world. Technology is, and most likely will always be an important part of their lives. As parents, you too, especially if you’re reading this, clearly see technology as an important part of your child’s development.

At KneeBouncers, we strive to provide parents with quality content that they can share with their children. Our name “KneeBouncers” says it all, the “knee” we’re referring to is yours, and the ‘bouncers’ are your kids! KneeBouncers! 🙂

Though we’ve always been very confident in our own observations, it is comforting that studies are now supporting what we already knew. Parents, you can rest a little easier letting your children play with age-appropriate games, apps and video. Be selective and as always – everything in moderation.

Now that you know there’s nothing to feel guilty about – lets play!

You can read more details at PBS’s web site here.