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Friday Five: Techie Halloween Costumes

Halloween is fast approaching! Just in case you were still in need of some inspiration, today’s Friday Five is a round-up of fun tech-inspired handmade costumes.

Makedo Robot

DIY Robot
MakeDo has a great tutorial for creating a DIY cardboard robot!

iPhone Costume

iPhone Costume
See — there’s even an app for costumes! Love this  fun, toddler-friendly (and no-sew!) iPhone costume from Jen who blogs at My Own Road.

r2d2 costume

R2D2 Costume
It might be a little late to order this adorable costume from The Wishing Elephant on Etsy (maybe she has a few more in stock and can drop ship overnight?), but it might inspire your own DIY creation.


Baby Steve Jobs
Found this costume on Babble. You might even already have everything you need… including the ‘apple.’


Throwback to Nintendo?
Mario and Luigi never go out of style — and you can create a costume for your kids that’s reminiscent of your early game playing. Check out this post from Mommy Kat and Kids.

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