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This Week: Kids, Technology & Digital Learning Apps

There has been a lot of news this week that looks at digital learning content for kids — specifically younger kids. In case you didn’t catch it, we’ve got the scoop on recent headlines related to baby games, toddler games, preschool games and digital learning content.

  • Joan Cooney Ganz Center releases new report on the digital app market for young children. Digital apps designed to teach young children to read are an increasingly large share of the market, but parents and educators have little to no information about whether and how they work. This report scans the marketplace — and shows promising practices and programs. You can even register to watch the report finding via webinar.
  • Tablet devices and digital learning content may become the new norm in African schools, according to The Economist. New start-up ventures are shaking up the costly textbook industry and delivering electronic content via tablet devices.
  • According to a report in the New York Times, a study of 400 apps designed for and marketed to children revealed that only 20% of them provide appropriate disclosures to parents about what kind of data they are collecting about children. {NOTE: We want to reassure you that we do not collect data from your children in any of our apps. We want your kids to joyfully play our apps and games with purpose — SAFELY.}
  • Nielsen says that 48% of US kids are asking for an iPad this holiday season. They’re calling it ‘iHoliday.’ Thinking about purchasing one for your KneeBouncer?


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