Play Date Idea: Dance Party!

Your KneeBouncer may love our Sounds Fun game, but why not take the fun offline with your very own dance party? Invite a few playmates over for some fun, grab some instruments and you’ve got the makings of a playful afternoon.

Why throw a mini-dance party? Getting your kiddo to move and groove helps build gross motor skills AND hand-eye coordination– which is critical throughout the baby-toddler-preschool ages. Dancing and music making also helps foster creativity and imagination {who wouldn’t want that?}. All you need to do is play some tunes and let your preschooler take the lead. Some of our favorite get-up-and-dance tunes include:

No instruments lying around the house? No problem! Grab some pots, pans or an empty coffee can and you’ve got yourself a drum. Or try this fun toilet paper roll kazoo craft from Preschool Crafts for Kids!

From the Preschool Crafts for Kids Blog

Have other fun Dance Party play date ideas? We’d love to hear them! Please share your ideas!

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