Who Says Moo? Well, You, Your Toddler or Your Tot’s Favorite Aunt with this New KneeBouncers eBook!

KneeBouncers released Who Says Moo today, the first ebook app from the creators of the popular toddler web site. The dynamic interactive ebook invites toddlers to explore a variety of animals on a farm and discover the sounds they make.

What will you love about it? Colorful illustrations, clever animations, toddler-designed touchscreen navigation, and a special voice recording feature that can make anyone — you, your tot’s older sibling or a favorite aunt — the narrator of the story.

“We created this ebook to teach young children about all the different sounds of farm animals. Kids love the sing-song repetition of the story and the fun animations,” explains author/illustrator Punch Robinson. “Parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles love being the narrator for the story. The personalized narrator creates a magical experience for the child.”

Magical is right. I gave the eBook to my two-year-old daughter this afternoon for the first time. She couldn’t stop giggling at the cacophony of animal sounds and every time the narrator asked “who says moo?” she’d erupt in MOOO. Me!!! I say MOOO. Me! Cow! Cow says MOOO.

“We are pushing the boundaries of what is expected from an eBook app experience and we have a feeling that this app will resonate beyond the preschool set and older siblings will love it as well.” says co-creator Kurt Dommermuth.

The app is available from iTunes for $2.99. Android lover? Don’t worry. It’s coming out on the Android market soon!

View the full press release for more info on the app.

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