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Zip and Learn: Letter Learning Zipline Game

We’re big believers in playing with purpose. Having fun is the absolute best way to learn! If your kids love playing with our characters online, they’ll love them even more offline.

Holly from Kids Activities Blog came up with this high-flying letter game that will have your kids zipping — and learning — away! Her tutorial outlines how to assemble and play the game. There’s even a free printable! A great way to build letter recognition skills.


I am a bit giddy over today’s playing with letters activity!

We have a super cute alphabet printable that is free courtesy of our sponsor, KneeBouncers.

And if that wasn’t enough, we are using that alphabet printable to make a letter zipline because letters in action are WAY more fun than boring old sedentary letters!

f your kids are already playing KneeBouncers games, then you will recognize the characters that are hanging out with each letter of the alphabet on these printables.

Simply click here to download and print: KneeBouncers Play with Letters Printable

I printed a set on photo sticker paper and then stuck it to thick pink scrapbooking paper.

Then I cut out the 27 cards – the alphabet A-Z and the KneeBouncers wild card {more on that later}.


Materials needed:

  • Drinking straws

  • Glue {I used a hot glue gun}

  • Scissors

  • String

  • KneeBouncers alphabet cards

First, cut the straws up to be just a little shorter than the width of the alphabet cards. Then cut a slit down the length of the straw and clip the corners of one end.

Glue the altered straw pieces to the back of the alphabet cards near the top with the snipped end on the right.

Repeat to all cards.

Set up a zipline with string. I used two of our kitchen chairs. You want the right side of the zipline to be the tall side.

With string, I created the zipline using slip knots on each end to secure it to the chairs.

The letter cards can now easily be slipped onto the string {even with little hands} and sent flying down the zipline.


Early learning: Start with a few alphabet cards and talk about each letter. Then name one of the letters and have the child zip it down the line. Help the child make the sound of that letter as it travels!

KneeBouncers wild card: To make this game more challenging, include the KneeBouncers card as a “wild card”. Have this card represent a letter that is NOT in the original pile. Tell the child that if she can’t find the called letter to use the wild card instead. It is fun to see if she can figure out through elimination what letter is missing!
More advanced: Give the child a few letter cards and have him send them down the zipline in alphabetical order. Check and see if it was right at the end of the line. We noticed if our zipline was very steep, sometimes new letters would knock off letters at the bottom {which is kinda fun!}.

KneeBouncers wild card: To make this game more fun, include the KneeBouncers card as a “wild card”. Let the child use it in the alphabetizing as a letter in the gap. Have him decide what letter it represents and then arrange the other cards around it. Then try and guess what letter the card represents. Kids get a big kick out of “tricking” the adult!


Early learning: Give the child a phonetic sound and have her identify the letter and send it down the zipline.

KneeBouncers wild card: To make this game more challenging, include the KneeBouncers card as a “wild card”. The wild card is to be used for any blends. So, if you give the sound “ffffff”, the child should send the letter “f” down the zipline. If you give the sound “th”, the child should send down the wild card.
More advanced: Give the child a simple one vowel word to spell and have her send down the letters in order. As each letter goes down the zipline, make the sound of that letter.

KneeBouncers wild card: To make this game more fun, include the KneeBouncers card as a “wild card”. This time the child decides on a word and spells it, but replaces one of the letters with the wild card. The child then challenges YOU to figure out what letter is missing.


We are really excited to be participating in the KneeBouncers Play with Letters series. They will be featuring other blogs with fun letter play ideas over the two weeks.

All these activities go along with the KneeBouncers Play with Purpose iPad app. There are lots of ways to play with letters on the app {and many of them are free!}.


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Super easy. Lots of fun. The best way to learn.

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