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My 2 year old daughter and I really love your site. Her colours and numbers have improved greatly. Thank you!!
Mrs Zoe U.
We love your site and all the games. It keeps out three-year-old with special needs entertained for an hour at a time. Nothing else holds his attention like your games.Thanks and best regards,
Sean A.
hola tengo 2 años soy chiquito y no se escribir mi hermana esta escribiendo pues yo juego todos los dias a sus juegos y los adoro bueno voy a seguir jugando chau
Tomas D.
I just wanted to let you know that my little brother and I love Kneebouncers and it keeps us busy for hours
Barrett B.
My 20 month old son and I love KNEEBOUNCERS!!! I tell all my friends about it too. Thank you for your clever concept
Erin C.
Love the site — thank you! My 2YO son laughs and laughs when he plays the games. 🙂 Thanks again for a great site!
Kelly V.
Its very very good site for kids, Can you arrange software of all these activities, for children who do not have frequently access to internet
Muhammad F.
Just heard about your website from a friend and I think it’s brilliant!! My little boy is just over 2yrs and he loves it! Kind regards,
Chantelle’ W.
My little ones love this site! A few years ago i stumbled upon it while looking for a game for my 2 year old. It’s perfect for little fingers to just pound on the keyboard. now 2 years later my 4 month old is fascinated and fusses if we turn it off! My 4 year old loves the updated version and new “games”. GREAT JOB!
Michelle H.
My 2 year old is obsessed with your site. She actually asked me to draw a pentagon a few days ago…How can I recommend this site to all of my Facebook friends with little kids?
Erica K.
I have a 3 year old grand-daughter who has down syndrome, this is her favorite site! we spend time on this site every day, she is learning so much. Thank-you
Naomi M.
My 2 year old son LOVES kneebouncers! His favorite game is wake up sammy.
Tamika J.
I just wanted to thank you for this site! My daughter is 15 months old and it is hard to find websites that are acceptable for her learning and age group. It was great to have her able to play the games and enjoy the sights and sounds. Thanks!
Holly C.
I just found out about this site through my local library! And I can hook up my laptop to my 47″ flat screen through my HDMI cable so that the screen is huge to keep her attention! She loves to bang on the keyboard so I know she’ll LOVE this. But of course, it’ll have to be after her nap that I try it out! Thanks so much for this site!
Amy G.
JI was just giving my 2 year old a bath and he was playing with the foam letters and numbers. When I asked him to name them, he could name every one, much to my surprise! He loves the KneeBouncers games and I know they were instrumental in helping him learn so quickly and in such a fun way!
Jenny W.
Greetings from the beautiful tropical islands of the Philippines! Kneebouncers has been such a wonderful addition to our family. Our first exposure to the site was when my son, my only child, was only 6 months old. I needed something to keep him distracted while I was looking after him and downloading work-related stuff at the same time while my wife was busy with household chores. The boob-tube was not an option as we felt it created mini-zombies out of little infants and toddlers. Thus, I searched the internet and voila — Kneebouncers! It was a big hit with him from the start! He’s now a year and a month old and he’s never gotten tired of the site. I love the way you could see in his eyes that he’s learning cause and effect! 🙂 Having read “Our Story” on your site, I would like to thank you guys for turning your frustration (at finding online baby games) into something fun, not only for your kids, but for kids all over the world 🙂 Salamat! 🙂
Dandee D.
My 2 year old and I love this website!!!! She will sit at the computer and play on it all day!!! With the help of my 7 year old she now knows how to use the mouse and navigate through the website!!!
Dawn M.
Found a write up about this in Junior Magazine and my 2 year old loves it! Took her mind off her chickenpox and heard the best giggles! Brilliant – well done.
Helen W.
LOVE LOVE LOVE the site my almost 2 year can navigate it all by herself!
Nya E.
My 3 yr old LOVES kneebouncers! I am so happy to have stumbled across it! It helps us get through some long cranky days where nothing else seems to keep him happy! He also loves that he thinks he is “teaching” me how to play the games. hehehe
Ang S.
My little man (18 mos)has had so much fun on the website. I saw the iapp link and hoped there would be an app for my bberry but sadly, there isn’t. Hope one will be coming soon.
Tracey D.
My 5 month old LOVES kneebouncers! We have a computer hooked up to our tv so I give him an old keyboard and he goes to town!
Sara E.
I love the kneebouncer site I found it one day looking for some for my 2 month grand baby to start teaching him new stuff and I came across your site and he loves it i was so amazed how he would just look listen and grinn real big now almost 3 months he tries to talk with it and loves to hit the space bar his little eyes light up so big it is very educational I have told everyone about it.
Cindy V.
My 7 month old daughter loves this website, she loves the music one. Everytime we turn the laptop on she gets excited. I think i have now lost my laptop!! It is a great website…. Thank you.
Karen S.
My daughter Connie loves the games! she’s 9 months. we are from Argentina.
Cecilia T.
My 10 month old checked out knee bouncers for the first time today… and screamed when I wanted the laptop back. lol
Ellyn S.
Amelia will just walk up to me while I’m on the computer and start smacking all the keys, then yell at me when I say “no, no, this is mommy’s computer time” 🙂 Silly girls 🙂
Keisha M.
We go on that site at least once a day…zoey gets so mad she starts to turn red and just scream until i put it back on the computer..its funny
Courtney O.
Isn’t it awesome!?! Bailey freakin looove it! She’ll play forever! It’s super cute =D
Sarah H.
A friend just recommended your site to me. I love it! It’s a great solution for my rambunctious toddler who is always wanting to mash the keys on my computer. Now he can mash them AND learn something in the process!
Jocelyn G.
My little 2 year old daughter Claudia absolutely loves this website, every time we turn on the computer she asks to play “games” 🙂 Keep up the great work!
Rachel B.
My child is bonkers for Sammy. Before ever playing Kneebouncers, he never payed attention to the names of animals other than birds, kitties and sometimes dogs. He screams “monkey, monkey, monkey!!” every time he sees me open the website now because he’s excited about waking Sammy up.
Jennifer L.
I have already been spreading word-of-mouth… this is a great site!! I will invite on Facebook and will send an email to my daughter’s daycare and the preschool teachers in my school (I teach first grade). My 2-year-old loves “Lights Out”. Thanks for this site!!
Kara E.
I’d love an app for the droid! Especially something like Choo! Choo! (or anything with trains.) The kids apps that are out there are ok, but I’d pay for something from KneeBouncers!
Melanie M.
My two year old, Henry, LOVES Kneebouncers! He asks to “wake the monkey” every day. ;)Thanks for making my boy happy!
Lauren H.
Just to let you know, yours is the best customer service I have ever received from an internet based service! It even beats Amazon.
Mark M.
i dont know what i would do without you. its hard for my tiny terror to connect with fun things in his age range but the moment the site loaded, he took to it like it was made just for him. i have to drag him off of it. Thank you so very much.
Lord-Erica E.
love you guys!! its like the only thing my 2yr old can do on the computer! he really enjoys the site!
Shaylei B.
Hi, just had to say my 18 month old loves the site and at the moment she is learning to copy the numbers game. Very good!!! (i may tell people that i taught her though!lol)
Joanna M.
My 9mo. old baby girl loves your site!!!!!!
Tonya S.
This website is just amazing for the little guys! My eldest, George, was playing kneebouncers independently at the age of 6 months!!
Alex W.
Just heard about your site from a friend. Let my 2 year old try it and had a fight to get laptop back. Its fantastic; bright colours, fun characters and learning games all in 1. Will be recommending to all my friends with kids. Thanks 🙂
Lorraine R.
This site is great! My granddaugther is only 15 months and loves it!
Roberta T.
My son loves your site so much he actually sat down to relax for a while to play… Mom and Dad thank you! 🙂
Lindsey B.
My 21 month old is crazy about your games- they are great for her age! Thank you!
Carmela B.
My kids have loved Kneebouncers for 4 years now! Thank you for the great site!
Amanda N.
I truly credit your website for teaching my son (who just turned three last week) to know every letter of the alphabet now.
Michelle C.
I paid to join your site the day it went to a pay for play and it is some of the best money I ever spent for educational games or toys.
Michelle C.
I give all the credit to kneebouncers.com for my 18-month-old already knowing half the alphabet, all the colors and some shapes. He LOVES your site and asks to play on it at least once a day!
Carrie B.


Keep playing! Keep learning!